The Years That Condemn

A longer version of this was originally published in The Independent Business Weekly in 2002. In these strange and uncertain times I felt it appropriate on Anzac Day 2020 to remember that our nation, and indeed our world, has been through even more uncertain times. We shouldn’t forget the sacrifices and tribulations of citizen soldiers like my father, whose lives were forever changed in a global conflict. He was severly wounded in 1944 and died in 1956, his wounds remaining unhealed, almost to the end. I only learned of what happened to him after reading his Battalion’s history. He never spoke of it and I was too young to ask. I don’t even remember him very well, but I do remember his casual clothes were khaki shorts and shirts. The shirts had epaulettes.

The Telegram my mother received to tell her her husband had been wounded.
2000 year old Tiberius Bridge. Rimini. The end of Via Emilia
Panzer turret above Rimini. Part of the web of German defence right across the Italian peninsula.
Wermacht paratroopers manning a 10cm Nebelwerfer mortar
Page from Chiamani Citta - Commemorating the liberation of the city. Major Hutcheson is mentioned in the second to last paragraph
“…two small buildings looking very old.”
Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon
Grand Hotel, Rimini.
Larger of the two buildings is still as it was in 1944. Thanks to Google Earth 2020.

Mike’s an Adjunct Professor at AUT. He’s written four books, and is a regular TV guest and commentator. He has a Master of Philosophy degree (1st Class Honours)

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